PE at home, & breaktimes

Fun and inspirational

Our challenges combine 200 short videos with simple tips and guidance to help inspire children to develop their sports skills at home. They also provide a focus for guided play in breaktimes, or a "brain break" in the classroom. It doesn't matter what equipment or indoor or outdoor space is available - we suggest ways to adapt.

Case Study

A Teacher's View

Joel Beaumont, PE Subject Lead at St Urban's Catholic Primary in Leeds, talks about how they've used PE Challenges to boost pupils' skills and activity levels.

How it Works

Each course comprises 15-25 challenges that progressively develop skills. Each challenge can be made easier or harder in order to provide a test for all abilities. So whether you use us to inspire practice at home, or ask your sports ambassadors to encourage participation at breaktimes, we provide a great way to enhance your PE provision.
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The Results

Skills, smiles, and a love of being active

When learning sport skills is fun, children keep trying - so their skills improve. Better skills result in more confidence and more enjoyment. Enjoying sport more means a positive attitude to taking part, and being physically active. The results we're seeing - based on over a thousand children completing our embedded surveys - support this.
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What others say

“PE Challenges is the perfect way to get kids moving. Our pupils have absolutely loved having a go at the various challenges. This resource is amazing, I would highly recommend it!”

Karen S (PE Co-ordinator, Richard Taylor Primary School)

“My boys have been really enjoying it - requesting to do some as soon as we get home from school, and planning how and where they can do some on a weekend. This has never happened before - they’ll do sport, but usually under duress!”

Mrs N (Parent & Teacher, Harrogate)

“Thanks for posting this! It's inspired me to set up some activities in the outdoor area of our infant school. Much appreciated!”

Jane T

“I am in total awe! Their skills are amazing and you are an amazing dad :-)”

Mrs R (Yr 6 Teacher)

“Hi Stuart, from a fellow PE teacher I love what you do!”

James G (PE Teacher)

“Wow! Incredible skills at such a young age! Thank you for sharing. This would make my junior school PE much easier if parents did this.”

Liz S (teacher)

“Your videos and challenges are brilliant!”

Sam T

“It’s brilliant as PE homework and is definitely engaging the usually less active children”

Mrs M (Teacher, Southport)

We are an associate member of the Association for Physical Education