What Is PE Challenges.com?

200 amazing challenges that help primary school children enjoy building strong foundational sports skills at home. The challenges engage and stretch each child in line with their individual ability. Schools can sign up for all their pupils or parents can subscribe individually.

What Sports Are Covered?

Football, rugby, badminton, tennis, volleyball, cricket, rounders, athletics, throwing & catching, basketball & netball. So it’s easy to align to whatever sports are in focus throughout the school year.

What Others Say

“PE Challenges.com is the perfect way to get children moving. Our pupils have absolutely loved having a go at the various challenges. This resource is amazing, I would highly recommend it!”

Karen S (PE Co-ordinator, Richard Taylor Primary School)

“The challenges provide a blueprint for anybody who wants to start out on the right foot. The little dudes are pretty amazing!”

Daniel Coyle (Author of The Talent Code)

“Have to say these videos are superb, love your work, very inspiring. Your kids are a couple of rockstars!”

Ty S (Dad & Grandad)

“This is the best/cutest thing I have ever seen :-) We need to see more parents doing this!”

Natalie H (Sports Coach)

“Thanks for posting this! It's inspired me to set up some activities in the outdoor area of our infant school. Much appreciated! ”

Jane T (Teacher)

“I am in total awe! Their skills are amazing and you are an amazing dad :-)”

Mrs R (Yr 6 Teacher)

“Love this! I will be doing some of these with my kids #amazing #thank you”

Jamie (Parent)

“Hi Stuart, from a fellow PE teacher I love what you do!”

James G (PE Teacher)

“Wow! Incredible skills at such a young age! Thank you for sharing. This would make my junior school PE much easier if parents did this.”

Liz S (Teacher)

“I have been following Stuart since reading a blog in 2013. I was drawn to his work because he developed a way to help your kid build fun skills with connection instead of judgement. He shows us how to use sports as an opportunity to connect with our children and build their confidence.”

Casey (Athletic Development Coach)