What we hear

And how we help

Teachers regularly tell us about four main barriers to teaching high quality PE in schools: lack of teaching expertise or confidence, inadequate facilities, limited time in the school day and budget constraints. We address all four. Our videos and technique tips provide the expertise, and by giving the children fun challenges to do at home - regardless of whether they have the right equipment or any outdoor space - we side-step the limited facilities and school day time constraints. And we are highly cost-effective too.

How it works

A little encouragement each week

You choose which of our 10 courses you want each class to do. Then you encourage them to practice one challenge per week at home, so that they build their skills in a familiar, no-pressure setting. You praise the weekly winners and spur on the rest. Use our certificates, wristbands and stickers to reward progress and positive behaviours, and let the weekly winning class proudly display the PE Challenges trophy!

Real feedback

And whole school challenges

Every 5th challenge in each course is a personal best challenge. We record starting score and best score, so every child can see their own progress, regardless of ability. These also allow competitions to be run across the school. In addition our regular short surveys encourage the children to reflect on what they have learnt. And we analyse all this data for you in your benefit statement (see below).

Benefit statement

Quantified impact

At the end of each school year we send a benefit statement which includes the estimated hours the children have been getting active at home, the percentage who say their skills have improved, how many are now more likely to go and get active in future, and their comments about what they have enjoyed and learnt. A great input for reports to regulators and school boards/governors.