PE, anytime

Fun and inspirational

Our challenges combine 200 short videos with simple tips and guidance, together with the idea of personal challenge, to help you inspire and encourage PE anytime: at home, in PE lessons, in breakfast and after-school clubs, as a "brain break" or energy-boost in class, or in breaktimes. It doesn't matter what equipment or indoor or outdoor space is available - we suggest ways to adapt.

Case Study

A Teacher's View

In this video Joel Beaumont, PE Subject Lead at St Urban's Catholic Primary in Leeds, talks about how they have used PE Challenges to boost pupils' skills and activity levels.

How it works

Encourage, practice, reward

Each course comprises 15-25 lessons that progressively develop skills. We help you keep track of progress, and explain how to make the challenges easier or harder so that they provide a test for all abilities. So whether you link our challenges to your PE lessons, or your sports ambassadors encourage participation at breaktimes, or your pupils practice them at their own pace at home, we provide a great way to enhance your PE provision. Our downloadable certificates help you praise progress and positive behaviours (and our Rewards Pack adds a trophy, wristbands, pencils and stickers as well).

What sports are covered?

Our courses cover Athletics & Exercise, Basketball & Netball, Cricket and Rounders, Football, Rugby, Tennis & Badminton, Throwing & Catching, and Volleyball.

Personal Best Challenges

And short surveys

Every 5th challenge in each course is a personal best challenge, where the children record their starting score and best score. So they can can focus on their own progress, and friendly competitions can be run across the school looking at class-level improvement rather than just "who's best overall". In addition, regular short surveys encourage the children to reflect on what they have learnt.

Case Study

A Teacher's View

In this video Lisa Noble, PE Specialist at St Andrew's Primary School in Aberdeenshire, talks about how they have used PE Challenges as a way to boost skills and activity levels at home and in school.


Highly Cost Effective

Our objective is to give schools a low-cost, high-value addition to their PE provision: an engaging and fun way to encourage all children to get active and practice their skills. Our core offer - the challenges themselves - cost £150 per school per year. Then choose whether you'd like to add any of the Additional Options. So for example, the challenges plus a Rewards Pack costs £250. Or the challenges plus Weekly Reports plus Scorecards & Wallcharts is £275.

Termly Reports

Quantified impact

With our Termly Reports, you receive (1) a summary each term of how many children have used PE Challenges, and the results of the Personal Best challenges (2) a benefit report at the end of the school year which includes the estimated hours the children have been getting active at home, the percentage who say their skills have improved, how many are now more likely to go and get active in future, and their comments about what they have enjoyed and learnt. This is a great input for reports to regulators and school boards/governors.

Weekly Reports

Clear View of Participation

Our Weekly Reports help you keep sight of how many children in each class are taking part, every week. We send a summary by class plus a list of which children are or aren't engaging. You can then praise, reward and encourage to help every child on their sporting journey.

Case Study

A Teacher's View

In this video Stuart Dawson, a teacher with substantial experience of teaching PE in the UK and abroad, talks about how he has used PE Challenges at the RAK Academy British School in Al-Rams, United Arab Emirates.

How to get your school set up

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